Avo is Dead
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Source Fiction Burns

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Written by the controversial theologist Fred Itchy, this book charts the downfall of Albion's old beliefs, particularly the gods Avo and Skorm, the two most widely worshipped deities during the Age of Heroes. According to Itchy, their cult declined sharply around the same time the Heroes themselves fell out of favour, though their ridiculous names did them no favours. Temples to each god were demolished during the Decade of Knowledgification, a brief period during which logic and reason prevailed throughout Albion. "But duality and gullibility are at the heart of this land." Itchy writes, "Though Avo and Skorm have fallen, they will no doubt be replaced by ever more ludicrous entities. Salt and Sugar? Left and Right? Light and Shadow? Who knows what idiotic beliefs this world will succumb to next?"


This book is a parody of the book The Gay Science by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, famous for its quote "God is dead". The author's name and surname, Fred Itchy, also, bears some similarities in the pronunciation.

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