Championship Pistol
Weapon Information
Type Flintlock Pistol
Damage 33.0
Base Value 1,200
Augmentations Discipline Augment
Empty Slot
Acquisition Fable II Pub Games
Rating five stars

The Championship Pistol is a pistol available from the Fable II Pub Games. It is a reward for placing in the 5 star Fortune's Tower tournament.

Description Modifier

This excellent firearm comes equipped with a magical augment that increases the experience you earn from battles.

Fable II Pub Games Description Modifier

For the true firearms connoisseur, this unique weapon is a thing of envy and beauty. But only you will know its deadly secret: the makers enhanced this pistol with magical augmentation to give the wielder an advantage in any shootout.

Trivia Modifier

  • The Championship Pistol is basically just a Iron Flintlock Pistol with two augment slots and Base Value of 1200 instead of 1000.
  • This can easily be unlocked by using the Fortune's Tower exploit.
  • Even though the Championship Pistol is a copy of a Steel Flintlock Pistol, the game treats it like a legendary weapon, because if someone adds an augment into the empty slot, the augment remover on Knothole Island won't let you remove it.