Weapon Information
Type Katana
Damage 96
Base Value 59,400 Gold
Augmentations Devastation, Bewitching, Killerwatt
Acquisition Archon's Knot
Rating five stars

The Daichi is a legendary weapon in Fable II. It is a katana that has augmentations for greater damage to enemies, added lightning/shock damage and an augment that increases your attractiveness.

The Daichi is widely considered to be the most powerful of all the legendary meleé weapons in Fable II because it has a high base damage, fast swing speed, and long reach.

How To Acquire Modifier

You can find it near the dungeon called "Archon's Knot", located in a chest at the end of the dungeon. Before you vault, turn right to find a platform with a chest. You must go through the dungeon in order to get to it. Archon's Knot is a puzzle dungeon that opens up only after you have used Garth's Cullis Gate to get to Wraithmarsh during the main quest.

You can find Archon's Knot next to the cullis gate in Brightwood Tower. To best find it, stand next to the cullis gate, turn until you see the ruined wall. Go to the wall and vault into the well. This is a direct entrance into Archon's Knot.

History Modifier

"This exceptional sword once belonged to the legendary Zuna Daichi, a female warrior monk whose exploits in Eastern Samarkand have become part of popular myth. There are stories that she may have visited Albion once, while on a quest. Perhaps it was in this land that she died, and here she left her katana."

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