Elixir of Life
Image:Elixir of Life.JPG
Type Potion

"A rare herbal potion, with extraordinary health-boosting powers. Become more healthy than you have ever been before!"

This rare potion increases your maximum health storage.

In Fable, you can find one behind the Demon Door in the Heroes' Guild and one in the pond in Orchard Farm; another can be found in the Silver Key Chest in Greatwood Lake. In TLC two more Elixir of Lifes have been added,they can be found in The Northern Wastes.

In Fable II, elixirs can be found in Memory Lane (the Rookridge Demon Door) and in a 5 silver key chest near the entrance to Fairfax Gardens.The other can be found at diving spot near Hero Hill.

Fable and The Lost ChaptersModifier

  • The Lost Bay, in a fishing spot near the silver key chest.
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In Fable: The Lost Chapters only three potions can be used and the ones found in The Northern Wastes are useless unless you haven't found the one's on mainland Albion.