Legendary Weapon LocationsModifier

  • The Enforcer - Complete Cold Comfort Farmer and Blind Date Quests and buy the house and Giles will give you the portcullis key for the cellar OR complete the Red Harvest Quest and return after the first Spire Quest to dig the key from his grave. Whichever way you chose to get the key, enter the cellar and open the portcullis. Fight your way through the vast number of Hollow Men to a room where your Dog finds a Dig Spot. Dig at the Dig Spot and The Enforcer is yours.
  • The Hammerthyst - Behind Oakfield Demon Door, you must bring someone who you have proposed to or are already married to and blow a kiss to them in front of the Door.
  • The Daichi - You must complete the Cullis Gate Quest. Go to Brightwood Tower and go up to where Garth opened the Cullis Gate to Wraithmarsh and look at the railings. You will find a section that is crumbled. Vault off of this ledge (Will be blocked by a statue if you haven't finished the Cullis Gate Quest). You will land in Archons Knot. Make your way through to the other side of the cave and exit. You will be on a ledge over Brightwood. Before you jump off the cliff, look to your right, there should be a little path that leads to The Daichi.
  • The Rising Sun - Once you've made a sizable donation at the Temple of Light, the monk will mention donating during the "zenith hour." Just donate 10,000+ gold to the Temple of Light at 12:00 to 1:00 PM (Game time, not real-time).
  • The Maelstrom - Sacrifice enough people until the monk mentions the ultimate sacrifice, sacrifice your spouse at 12A.M. to 1A.M. (Game time, not real-time).