ATTENTION: Cet article peut contenir des spoilers !

This page lists the locations of the 50 gargoyles that can be found in Fable II. (If you still have problems finding them, listen for their insults - you can hear this when you are near them.)

Number Region Image
(If available)
1 Bandit Coast 100px Go along the narrow outcrop, which is accessed from the southern exit of the loop near the center of the map. Enter the cave near the end of the path with a chest inside and look to your left. The gargoyle is tucked away in a crevice.
2 Bandit Coast 100px The gargoyle is on top of the ruins where you fight a highwayman for the first time. Go in between the barrels and cart, up the stairs and on top of the ruins looking up look to your right. The gargoyle is there.
3 Bloodstone 100px Head to the boathouse where a boat is being built. Before going in through the door, look between the boathouse and the house on the left - the gargoyle is resting on the side of the rock face to the right of a plant. You may also find it by walking down the alley by the clothing store and looking up the hill towards the nearest house.
4 Bloodstone 100px On Lion's Head Isle, the gargoyle is located left of the big waterfall on the path leading out of the island area (after you dive in). You must do the "Treasure Island of Doom!" quest to get here.
5 Bloodstone 100px On the lowest level, as far south as you can go, on the side of a crane. This gargoyle is easiest to find if you are coming back to the town from the cave involved in the above-mentioned quest.
6 Bloodstone 100px On the rocks, out to sea. Jump in the sea at the north side of the harbour. Swim out a distance to find it on the rocks on the right hand side.
7 Bower Lake 100px Slightly north of the Brightwood exit, on the archway of a set of ruins above a silver chest.
8 Bower Lake 100px Now walk through the archway and turn around to face the other side of it, this one's sitting very high up at the top of the right tower.
9 Bower Lake 100px South of the Bower Lake Old Tomb, on the nearest ruin. (Right where you're about to swim to the little island.)
10 Bower Lake 100px This one is inside the Tomb of Heroes. The gargoyle is located above the door right after the large room with a pool in the middle. Just go through the far door and turn around. (There is also an augment is this room)
11 Bower Lake 100px The Gargoyle is near the waterfall. Walk across the bridge leading towards Bowerstone but turn left and head up along the edge, when you passed by the waterfall you'll see a partially grassy slope down to the water. The Gargoyle is on it.
12 Bowerstone Cemetery 100px After going through the main cemetery, go up the steps, and bear left (not up the next stairs) to the tomb at the end. Stand back to see the Gargoyle, which is up and slightly to the right.
13 Bowerstone Cemetery 100px Found up the next set of stairs from the Gargoyle mentioned above. Go up the next set of stairs above it, follow the path to the middle of the area, and look behind you. You will see it above the tomb.
14 Bowerstone Cemetery 100px Head to the top of the cemetary. On the steps, turn around, and shoot it on the left.
15 Bowerstone Cemetery 100px

Found on the big wall behind the closed gate to the path through the broken fence near the main cemetry. Stand by the closed gate, and you will hear him. He is up high on the left, on the wall's wooden parapet. It is easier to hit after buying the Cemetary Mansion, which opens the gate and gives you a clear shot.

You can also hit it if you move to the far right, close against the fence. You can still see its eyes from here (though not much more than that) and the gate/fence will not be obstructing your view

16 Bowerstone Cemetery 100px Shelley Crypt: After passing the invisible pathway, before leaving the room, you can turn right onto a ledge. The gargoyle is directly in front of you on the wall and behind a torch.
17 Bowerstone Market 100px On the carriage side of the bridge, in the eastern outer wall, up the stairs to the left of the Bower Lake exit, turn right and go as far as the walkway takes you it will be up on one of the arches.
18 Bowerstone Market 100px On the carriage area side, down by the riverfront on the east side of the river. Go through the small tunnel under the bridge. Right after you come out from under the bridge look up and to the right on the wall.
19 Bowerstone Market 100px On the second floor of the furniture shop in the town square. Found in the furthest room upstairs. Go all the way in and turn around to face the door through which you entered.
20 Bowerstone Market 100px In the carriage garage (east side of the bridge). You can either take the carriage somewhere to get in and then fast travel back, or line up the shot carefully between the carriage and the carriage area wall.(The shot is extremely difficult to line up, while the carriage is in place, the carriage will go once you have come back from the Tattered Spire)
21 Bowerstone Old Town 100px On the side of the crane on the side of the big warehouse. It is on the way to the exits to both Rookridge and Bowerstone Cemetery. If you stand near the archway entrance to old town and look up toward the big warehouse, you should see it. If you fast travel to Bowerstone Old Town, specifically the Cemetery Road, it's where you're standing upon arrival. Just look up.
22 Bowerstone Old Town 100px On the stairs inside of The Felling Residence. Enter Old Town by way of Bowerstone Market, take the first street on your left. The house is towards the end of that road on the right side. Head inside, its on the wall behind you as you head up the stairs.
23 Brightwood 100px Above an arch on the way to Westcliff (behind you when going there). It is near the southwestern-most water on the map.
24 Brightwood 100px In the Forsaken Fortress minizone (hang left from Bandit Coast entrance, directly past the archway small plaza with highwaymen on the left). When you enter the castle in the zone, take the first right and walk across the curving parapet. On the right side directly next to a standing area on the bridge. It is on the top of a broken column at about even level with you.
25 Brightwood 100px Behind you as you drop down in Archon's Knot. To get there, vault inside it from the broken wall next to the Cullis Gate you open to get to Wraithmarsh.
26 Brightwood 100px On exiting Archon's Knot, follow your dog to the chest containing the Daichi on the right. Look down from here towards a black arched structure in the middle of the lake and you should see the gargoyle. Alternatively, follow the path from Brightwood tower to reach the structure in the lake (on the southeastern island on the map).
27 Brightwood 100px After buying the Brightwood Tower for 250,000 gold, stand by Garth's bed, the portal to chesty, and look out the window to see the Gargoyle; shoot the Gargoyle right through the glass. You do not have to buy the tower if you don't want to though. If you stand away from the tower near the cullis gate, a gun with a range of at least 60 can reach the gargoyle from there. He's on the left of the top of the tower you should see his noise sticking out.
28 Fairfax Gardens 100px In Lady Grey’s Tomb (left side of the castle) in Fairfax Gardens, as you go in and down the steps. Before you jump down, little to the right on top of rock pile.
29 Fairfax Gardens 100px Above the entrance to the Fairfax Castle.
30 Fairfax Gardens 100px In the Castle Fairfax, in the library above the door (You will need to buy the Castle after you beat the game before you get this Gargoyle).
31 Guild Cave 100px In the big open cavern with water and lots of bridges. On the highest part of the island with the stalagmites and the stalactites.
32 Oakfield 100px Behind the house of the sculptor in Oakfield, central north of the map.
33 Oakfield 100px On the bridge opposite The Sandgoose.
34 Oakfield 100px On the ruins on the north east lake; top right corner of the map.
35 Rookridge 100px On the right before you go in the Hobbe Cave after making the big dive down from the broken bridge.
36 Rookridge 100px In the Hobbe Cave, in the cylindrical room with the wooden spiral walkway round the outside. Go to the top, and face away from the 'door', and the gargoyle is in front of you, up rather high.
37 Rookridge 100px Go upstairs of the Rookridge Inn and follow the rail tracks. Keep going to the second set of tracks, following the path. The gargoyle is at the top of the pulley tower.
38 Rookridge 100px At the entrance to the Temple of Shadows (north west of map), go beyond the spiral stairs to the end of the room. there is raised half circular platform that has two 'imp' statues. The gargoyle is on the right side in the corner.
39 Rookridge 100px Inside the Temple of Shadows - Make your way into the room with the Sacrificial Wheel. Whilst he chamber with the desks. The gargoyle is above the door inside this chamber.
40 Westcliff 100px When coming from Brightwood Road there is a side path on the left for a treasure chest. Go to the treasure chest and look behind you. The gargoyle is on the Stonehenge-looking rock.
41 Westcliff 100px Go to the top of the ruined tower structure, before you cross the first bridge (there's a split in the path, take the right one). Climb up to the chest, then walk through the middle of the two pillars on the right of it, Turn to your left and look in between the two columns behind the chest. The gargoyle should be in view.
42 Westcliff 100px Before you go in to Howling Halls from the Southern side of the lake, stand at the top of the stairs in the ruins (look behind you, up and left.
43 Westcliff 100px In the far right corner of the large room with the spike pit in Howling Halls. (It is a very large room so don't worry if you do not find it straight away).
44 Westcliff 100px To the right of the gravel path down to the docks. Stop on the first wooden part, and look up at the cliff.
45 Wraithmarsh 100px In the building opposite the cage you were locked in in your first visit to Wraithmarsh, on the dividing wall directly to the left of the door you enter.
46 Wraithmarsh 100px Behind the building as you cross the first swamp into Oakvale (It looks like an old carriage building).
47 Wraithmarsh 100px Take the left path, up across through the wooden tunnel bridge, the gargoyle is located at the next set of ruins. It is on the back of the pillars on the right side before you go up the steps.
48 Wraithmarsh 100px After the fog-filled graveyard, just before you go under the next bridge, turn around. It is on one of the tombs on the right.
49 Wraithmarsh 100px Above the door in the final room of Twinblade’s Tomb, past the spiral staircase. Can first be found during the "Love Hurts" quest.
50 Wraithmarsh 100px Above the moving spiked floor entrance in the Shadow Court. To gain entrance, do the "Hero Of Skill" quest.