Gargoyles are small, stone figures with sparkling eyes encountered in Fable II that mock and insult the Hero of Bowerstone as soon as the Aimed Ranged Attack ability is acquired. Once this is achieved, they can be destroyed with a ranged weapon shot. Heavily accented creatures as they are, their unique Scottish voice is the cornerstone bit of evidence that they are in the area.

After shooting the first gargoyle, the Gargoyles quest is activated, and the Gargoyle Map received. This lengthy quest involves destroying all fifty gargoyles in Albion, in exchange for periodic rewards, as well as a final reward, The Rammer, a legendary crossbow.



"Ach, I can smell your awful breath... all the way from here."

"I'd ask you to try and shoot me... but ya'd probably poke your eye out instead."

"I might be made of stone, but at least I ain't stone blind"

"Hey! You're that mighty adventurer, aren't you? Well, I've got a quest for you: KISS MY STONEY ASS!"

"I bet your shooting's as bad as your body odor!"

"I heard there was a prophecy about you... yeah... something about THE WORST MARKSMAN OF ALL TIME! Yeah, that was it! Hahaha!"

"You must be the sorriest excuse of a Hero I ever saw, and I've seen plenty."

"Ye cannae hit me. Ye cannae hit me! Haha!"

"Hi, my name's Barn Door. Bet ye cannae hit meeee!"

"You look more like a crackPOT than a crackShot!"

"Don't you try and ignore me, you pink-bellied Numptee!"

"Is this what I've been sittin' here waiting for all these centuries? You?! Bah!"

"I can tell by yer grey booger eyes ye cannae shoot straight!"

"Hey! Hero! Do you have any health or potions? Hahaha, you ain't got no skill, that's as plain as day!"

"Ach, away with ye, ye scavenger dog-monkey."

"Hey! Look at me when I'm insulting ya! You walking sack of compost!"

"You think you're smart? I've seen more brains in a Slopbucket!"

"Lets see your aim... If ya got one!"


"You couldnae hit a castle wi'a ball of dung!"

"Ach, ya blunderin' goon, you couldnae hit me in a million years!"

"Tell me this, how does a rubbish shooter like you stay alive? You must be a right jammy bugger!"

"What are you gonna do, huh? Shoot me? Ooh, I'm shiverin', mommy, help!"

"Tell me this, is it true you don't know which way to hold a crossbow? Hahaha!"'

"oh, look! my face is all exposed!"

"wich one ya cannae me with? yer gun, or yer sneeze!"

"Hey what you are doing with all those weapons? You might as well use a wee toy slingshot, ye big baby!"

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