Guns are projectile weapons that appear in Fable II. They replaced the Longbows that were used in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, since the Fable II story happened 500 years after the original story (though a few crossbows can still be found). They are still primitive though.

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  • Advantages: Very High Damage, High Bullet Spread
  • Disadvantages: Low Range, Very Slow Reload


  • Advantages: High Damage, Long Range
  • Disadvantages: Slow Reload


  • Advantages: Fast Reload
  • Disadvantages: Short Range, Low Damage

Keep in mind: The Skill Ability tree can significantly increase the effectiveness of these weapons. True Results WILL vary.


Pistols and rifles have these variants:

  • Clockwork: 3 to 6 shots, low damage, reload once clip is empty
  • Turret: 3 to 6 shots, moderate damage, reload each turret individually
  • Flintlock: single shot, high damage, fast reload


This is a list of gun ratings, worst to best. Quality also increases the number of shots for clockwork and turret pistols/rifles:

  • Rusty: one star rating, clockwork and turrets have 3 shots
  • Iron: two star rating, clockwork and turrets have 4 shots
  • Steel: three star rating, clockwork and turrets have 5 shots
  • Master: four star rating, clockwork and turrets have 6 shots

In addition to the quality, and type of weapon, each gun has variants for attaching zero, one or two augments. On Knothole Island it is even possible to buy guns with three or four augment slots.


  • Guns are also the reason for the downfall of the Heroes' Guild. The gun was responsible for the death of many Heroes by the villagers. When the villagers of Bowerstone raided the Guild after a riot in the streets, the Hero's traits of Strength, Skill and Will proved useless against this new invention. (As seen from the Official Site.)
  • Most Skill users will use the pistol rather than a rifle or blunderbuss.(Reaver, Wicker, highway men, ect)

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