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The Gypsy Camp is a sub area of Bower Lake. It is a small camp consisting of several caravans surrounded by a wall. It is one of the most beautiful, quaint settlements in Albion, despite its poor economy it is a great home/trading post. You first come across this town when you start your adulthood, living in a small caravan. If you wish, you can rent it out when you get a new home for 7 gold (base price) every five minutes.

This quaint little community consists of 12 caravans guarded by a large wall and bridge and is home to many of Albion's wandering gypsies. The camp has 3 shops, which consists of a tattooist, a stone cutter and one general trader who has set up shop in the caravan in the centre of the camp, and is the sole supplier of food and general supplies, A story teller spreads the stories of Albion to the children of the camp, who enjoy running through the trees and listening to the tales of Albion's Heroes. The campers enjoy their life of sleeping around the fires to telling the gypsy's tales of travels far and wide. Despite the caravans being low-grade houses, the camp has a quaint, beautiful feel to it. The camp does not have permanent guards, but the gypsies defend their homes against any enemies who might wander up the trail underneath the fortified bridge into the camp. The camp site has a two star economy which you can boost by spending a lot of money at the general store.

If you are short on money and need supplies, the gypsy camp makes a great trading stop. As well, considering you have been given a caravan at the beginning of the game, it is the easiest place to start a family or rent it out to start your land lording empire. Note: if you marry and settle in the camp, your spouse will not wander past the drawbridge without being told to follow, so the camp is quite safe to start a family.

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