A Mustache is like hairstyle that you can get.

The Mustaches Modifier

The Lip Bandit

2.5 % Attractiveness
2.5 % Aggressiveness
"A classic look, associated with the once-popular bandits of Sellock Forest."

The Debut

2.5 % Attractiveness
"Be prepared to have people constantly telling you that you've got dirt on your face."

The Handlebar

5.0 % Attractiveness
5.0 % Poshness
"Nothing covers up a horsekick to the face quite so well."

The Twirl

2.5 % Attractiveness
5.0 % Amusement
"Go on and give it a twist. You could be mistaken for someone with a plan."

The Souptrap

2.5 % Attractiveness
5.0 % Ridiculousness
"A heavy, serious mustache for the Hero who means business. Just don't sneeze."