The Normanomicon, also known as the Book of the Extremely Dead, is a book in Fable II used by Sam and Max, who unwittingly summon various monsters.

The book was originally taken from the Tomb of Heroes, an act which cursed the tomb with a horde of Hollow Men. The pair later summon a further infestation in Bowerstone Cemetery, and later still, a Queen Banshee, which attacks Bloodstone.

Trivia Modifier

  • The Summoners quest is a parody of the movie "Army of Darkness" (the third of the "Evil Dead" movies), in which the hero must retrieve the Necronomicon from its place in a cemetery by reciting the phrase "Klatu Verata Nicto."
  • The "Necronomicon" was originally a creation of H.P. Lovecraft.
  • The Banshee summoning during Evil in Wraithmarsh is foretold in The End is Almost Nigh: "Two brothers of little wit who shall release howling death upon a town of blood."
  • A load screen states that if the Normanomicon should fall into the wrong hands, it would spell disaster for Albion.
  • It is impossible that Max and Sam retrieved the Normanomicon in the Tomb of Heroes, because at that moment it was filled with water and couldn't be opened. Although they could have gotten the book during a season when the lake had dried up enough so that they could get in.
  • It is also possible to keep the Normanomicon yourself by participating in the quest "The Summoners", retrieving the book, and immediately completing The Spire (this book has no value, cannot be sold, and has no other purpose than to be used in "The Summoners" quest).

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