Weapon Information
Type Turret Rifle
Damage 81
Base Value None
Augmentations Fear Itself
Acquisition Wraithmarsh Demon Door
Rating five stars
Ammo Capacity 6
Reload Time 0.75
Range 60.0

The Perforator is a legendary weapon in Fable II. It is a turret rifle that causes fear in people that see it, earns you more experience in combat, and makes you more resistant to damage, but makes you prone to scarring. If you study the Cotter home more intently, you may soon realize that Maniac Mary's actual name might have been Mary Cotter, and the Perforator was hers (hints why she didn't want Terry to leave the house or go into the tomb behind it.)

How to ObtainModifier

Become famous enough to have 10 (or more) people follow you to the Wraithmarsh Demon Door . There are 2 ways to do this: use fast travel to Drowned Farm or fast travel to Brightwood Tower and use the Cullis Gate there. This will open the door that leads to Terry Cotter's Army.

This area is similar to the Homestead: it is a beautiful grassy area with a nice cottage right in the middle of it. Leave the cottage via the back door and you will see two gates that were smashed to the side of the entrance of a cave. Enter the cave (also called Terry Cotter's Army) and you will encounter rows of nearly one hundred suits of armour. Make your way to the back of the cave, and you will find a chest which contains the Perforator, arguably the best overall rifle in the game.


"The Perforator first belonged to Maniac Mary, a bandit queen who lived around 150 years ago, and who managed to unite hundreds of bandit gangs under her banner. Inevitably, such a gathering of villains resulted in violent uprising as her lieutenants attempted to take the rifle, and the leadership, from her. After her fall, the weapon passed through the hands of dozens of bandits, until it was lost, seemingly forever."


  • The name and nature of the weapon is more than likely to be an homage to the Super Nailgun in Quake. The SNG is often reffered to as the 'Perforator' and is an extremely potent quad-barreled death dealer.