Ships are used to travel distances over water. They are mostly seen in ports like Bowerstone, Bloodstone and Westcliff. Ships can be used by the player to quickly travel between places seperated by water. There appears to be alot of maritime trade and travel within Albion.

The Lost Chapters Modifier

There is a ship in the quest Ship of the Drowned that takes you to the Northern Wastes.

Fable II Modifier

The Marianne Modifier

Captain Dread's ship, The Marianne is encountered in the Treasure Island of Doom! quest. It takes you to Lion Head Isle.

The Ship to The Spire Modifier

A ship takes you to the Spire after you complete The Crucible and leave to go and rescue Garth.

Bloodstone to Westcliff Modifier

A ship takes you from Bloodstone to Westcliff whenever you want for 25 gold. Just talk to the captain and he will take you. These ships are the main way of getting out off Bloodstone as it is surrounded by Wraithmarsh.

Bowerstone to Knothole Island Modifier

While not being an actual ship, Gordon takes you to Knothole Island in his homemade submarine from the docks in Bowerstone Market.

Fable III Modifier

There will be ships in Fable III. They will probably be the most common way of getting to Aurora. In the trailers released, it appears that steamships have made their introduction in Albion.