The slave trade is a growing epidemic in the nation of Albion, particularly after the fall of the Heroes' Guild. Despite being illegal and greatly looked down upon by mainstream society, countless slaves are kidnapped daily and sold to the highest bidder, often times to the Tattered Spire, but also to bandits, corrupt yet wealthy land owners, and other shady individuals.

Legal Response Modifier

The governments of virtually all the city-states of Albion have banned slavery and actively pursue the culprits behind it. The problem has grown out of the authority's control however and, as a result, the government has resorted to the hiring of bounty hunters for aid in the on-going war against slavery.

Quests Modifier

Because of this, in Fable II the player has the opportunity to accept various Slave Rescue quests, in which he/she tracks down slave camps and sets the victims free before they're sold.

Social Response Modifier

The citizens of the many settlements in Albion are not unaware of the growing slaver problems. It is not uncommon when walking through Bowerstone, for example, to hear people gossiping about slavers nearby, or discussing their fears of being taken from their homes in the middle of the night. Virtually any citizen will respond negatively to a known slaver, either through fear, ridicule, or both.