Use Strength Experience to improve your Physique, Toughness and Health. Become a better fighter, wield heavier weapons, and protect yourself from damage. With each advance you will become more muscular and powerful.

In Fable, the following abilities can be learned:

  • Physique - Physique dictates the force with which you can swing a weapon, and thus the amount of damage you can cause. With greater strength also comes the ability to wield heavy weapons.
  • Health - The healthier you are, the more damage you can take. Your health attribute defines the length of your health bar.
  • Toughness - Toughness is your basic resistance to damage - your 'natural armour'. The tougher you are, the less damage you will take from each blow.

Experience Costs:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Physique 500 1200 3000 9000 24000 45000 86000
Health 400 1000 2500 6000 13500 28000 58000
Toughness 350 900 1800 4800 9000 19000 38000

See Experience Tips/Exploits.

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In Fable II, the following abilities can be learned.

  • Brutal Styles - At different levels, Brutal styles allows for more, very powerful melee abilities. They are:
    • Level one: Blocking - The Hero is able to block most attacks with their drawn melee weapon. You cannot block gunshots, arrows, Will attacks, and certain stronger melee attacks. This is done simply by holding down (X).
    • Level two: Flourishes - The Hero can perform a devestating Flourish attack, dealing massive damage and potentially knocking down foes (especially if one is wielding a heavy weapon, like a hammer). This can be performed by holding (X) and the left thumbstick in the desired direction of the attack, and then releasing (X) when the controller starts to rumble.
    • Level three:Combo Attacks - The Hero can perform a series of well timed attacks, increasing damage dealt to foes.
    • Level four: Counterattacks - The Hero can now spin his/her enemies around, leaving them vulnerable to a deadly finishing attack. This can be accomplished by pressing (X) as an enemy attacks, and then finishing them off by pressing (X) again. With two-handed weapons, the enemy's head is decapitated.
  • Physique - As in the original Fable, Physique increases the damage of melee weapons, and also makes you appear more muscular.
  • Toughness - This does not decrease damage done to the Hero, as in Fable, but increases maximum Health with every level.

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