Jobs are a new type of "quest" in Fable II where the player can make money by playing a small mini-game depending on the job. These jobs can be found in the various towns of the world and include blacksmithing, chopping wood, and bounty hunting, to name a few.

General InformationModifier

The SpecificsModifier

Specifically you make money by working (strange as that sounds), however the amount you earn depends on the quality work you do and what level of promotion you are at the specific job. If you do a good job then you begin to get 'Gold Multipliers'. These will multiply your gold by a set number, however if you make a mistake then your multiplier is gone and you have to restart from scratch and try to build it back up again to earn more gold, which in turn levels you up for a promotion. These promotions can be reached when you get a specified amount of money, which is increased by an exponential amount every promotion, making the higher level promotions harder to get! Every promotion you get gives you more 'Base Money' (money at which the first pint is poured or the first sword is forged) with every promotion that you get, you have to stop your work then get promoted which gives you a higher base wage. The games get increasingly harder and faster as you earn more gold through promotions but even quicker with the higher the multiplier. Jobs are not the most fun thing to do in Albion, but they sure are the easiest ways of getting money, usually legitimately, not forgetting that when you reach a level 5 promotion you unlock an Achievement!

Job Listings and DescriptionsModifier

Job Location Description Wage Range Other Effects
Assassin Bloodstone
Bowerstone Old Town (if player gives Arfur the warrants as a child)
Giles' Farm in Brightwood (if player did not do Cold Comfort Farmer)
The Temple of Light in Oakfield (if player did not defend them before leaving for the Spire)
Assassinate the Society's chosen target. Varies. Evil
Bartender The Leper's Arms in Bloodstone
The Cow & Corset in Bowerstone Market
The Sandgoose in Oakfield
The Lucky Heather in Rookridge
The Foaming Jugs in Westcliff (if the player chose to develop the village)
Serve drinks. 3 to 75 gold per pint (-2 to -50 per dropped pint) N/A
Blacksmith Bloodstone
Bowerstone Market
Westcliff (if the player chose to invest 5000 gold before leaving for the Spire)
Make swords by the dozen. 4 to 110 gold per sword N/A
Bounty Hunter Any location with guards Help rid Albion of dangerous creatures and criminals. Varies. Good
Civilian Displacement Bowerstone Cemetery A hard labour agency is in need of new 'recruits'. Varies. Evil
Woodcutter Giles' Farm in Brightwood (if player did Cold Comfort Farmer)
Chop wood. 1-3 to 15-75 gold per log N/A
Slave Rescue Bowerstone Market Find and rescue the slaves. Varies. Good

  • These jobs are only available at certain times. You will be notified in-game by a message at the top of your screen. You can also have the job targeted through the Quests/Maps area in the start menu.