Weapon Information
Type Cutlass
Damage 65
Base Value 54,000
Augmentations Fear Itself, Golden Touch, and Stoneskin
Acquisition Hall of the Dead
Rating five stars

The Wreckager is a legendary weapon that shipped exclusively with the Limited Edition Fable II. It is a cutlass that earns you gold everytime you kill something with it, causes terror in people that see it, and increases resistance to scarring. It is also said to have belonged to Captain Dread, a legendary pirate captain that lived 50 years before the start of the game. This weapon is good for the evil based characters (because of the "fear itself" and "golden touch" augments) and is a good replacement for the Daichi. The major downside is that it's only on the limited edition version of the game (although it can be traded online).

How to AcquireModifier

This is located in the Hall of the Dead. To reach the dungeon go to Bloodstone Water Front, go to the pier with the ship captain on it and dive in. There is a glitch in the game for those without the limited edition version of the game, where sometimes the cutlass will appear in a player's inventory for no reason in particular.

Note Modifier

  • The Augments in this weapon can not be taken out by the Augment Remover.
  • Interestingly the trophy, "Captain Dread's Sword" looks nothing like the Wreckager. It could be that he lost the Wreckager in the dungeon it is found in and he resorted to using a less fancy weapon.
  • When you use the wreckager, it makes a unique sheathing sound.


Gameplay footageModifier